Qingming Offering & Praying Ceremony 清明祭祖供佛斋僧否法会已停止接受报名
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普陀村就此清明思亲之期,于来临四月四日举行「清明祭祖供佛斋僧法会」,诚邀善信以清净心、恭敬心、虔诚心 ,供养三大传承僧众,以善念功德回向逝者。
清明供僧功德回向之力,能使供养者,往昔七世父母、 六亲眷属得远离三恶道,现世父母及其本人,长寿无病无恼,衣食自然具足,身心安乐。

Qing Ming Offering & Praying Ceremony

"Qing Ming Offering & Praying Ceremony" will be organized in Putuo Village on 4th Apr 2021. All devotees are invited to join this dharma assembly, dedicating merits to ancestors and deceased. May the loved one stays healthy and long life, everything sails smoothly always.

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